S04 4AS

The S04 is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because of its petite turning radius.

S04 4AS

Available in colors

Heavy Duty 460lbs (209kg) capacity scooter

Stable four wheel construction

Front and rear flashers

For indoor and outdoor use

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Maximum range


Advanced design

Delta tiller for users with limited dexterity.

Feature for safety

Stainless front and rear bumper and flat-free tires.

Feature for comfort

Heavy Duty design with thicker memory cushion-like seat for seating longer without soreness.


  • Overall Length

    121.92 cm / 48"

  • Overall Width

    63 cm / 24.8"

  • Max. Safe Slope

    6 degrees

  • Max. Speed

    9.6 kph / 6 mph

  • Ground Clearance

    6.6 cm / 2.6"

  • Turning Radius

    135.3 cm / 53.3"

  • Range Per Charge

    22.9 km / 14.3 mile (460kg)

  • Total Weight w/o Batteries

    66.7 kg / 146.7 lb

  • Weight Capacity

    209 kg / 460 lb

  • Colors


Note:Range varies with weight, terrain, temperature, battery condition etc. and is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Your battery will require a period of "breaking in" before they will reach their optimum capacity (up to 20 charge, discharge cycles can be expected) before full range is experienced.


For more detailed information, please download the FreeRider manual.