Luggie Chair


The W04 is a stylish compact wheelchair that is foldable in three easy steps

Luggie Chair


Available in colors

Joystick controller

Discreet storage compartment

Comfortable seat

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Innovation to come out of Taiwan
The Luggie portable electric wheelchair folds with two simple actions into a package that can be stowed on a plane, in the car boot or caravan, on a cruise liner. It is suitable for indoor and gently sloping outdoor use.

Maximum range


High-tech design

The seat folds down for transport and there are runner wheels front and back to assist with manoeuvring when folded.

Easy portable

Like all Luggie series scooters, the half-fold feature makes loading into a car boot an option when only one person is tasked with loading the chair.

360° W04 Powered Wheelchair


  • Overall Length (Unfold)

    95.1 cm / 37.4"

  • Overall Length (Fold)

    80.6 cm / 31.7"

  • Overall Width

    60.6 cm / 23.9"

  • Max. Safe Slope

    6 degree

  • Max. Speed

    6.4 kph / 4 mph

  • Ground Clearance

    3.1 cm / 1.2"

  • Turning Radius

    78 cm / 30.7"

  • Range Per Charge

    18.9 km / 11.8 mile (16.5Ah)

  • Total Weight w/o Batteries

    31.6 kg / 69.5 lb

  • Li-Ion Battery

    16.5 Ah

  • Battery (each)

    2.2 kg / 4.8 lb

  • Weight Capacity

    145 kg / 320 lb

  • Colors


Note:Range varies with weight, terrain, temperature, battery condition etc. and is subject to manufacturing tolerances. Your battery will require a period of "breaking in" before they will reach their optimum capacity (up to 20 charge, discharge cycles can be expected) before full range is experienced.


For more detailed information, please download the FreeRider manual.